A More Personal Service

Modern surgery brings outcomes to patients that were just not possible even 20 years ago. The ingredients for this success go beyond a clever surgeon and require true patient looking clinical practice.

Dr Versace has been a specialist Ophthalmic surgeon for 25 years and over this time has looked after patients in different clinical models.

 The most strikingly different was the cataract surgical program run in a Buddhist Hospital run by the monks in Myanmar – richly rewarding but not so relevant to our patients in a modern city like Sydney.  Public Hospital medicine feels like an important thing to be part of.  The Prince of Wales Hospital provides eye care to those that need it.   Our universal health care in Australia is possibly the best in the world and anyone who needs eye surgery can access this regardless of their ability to pay.  Dr Versace has been a member of the specialist ophthalmology staff at the Prince of Wales Hospital for almost 25 years and continues this service as it brings mentorship and surgical teaching to the next generation of Eye doctors and contributes to the provision of premium eye care to these patients.

Private practice offers the opportunity to offer the highest quality care with facility, equipment and staff that ensure an optimal [patient experience with excellent outcomes.  Laser Vision Correction surgery ( LASIK, SMILE, PRK) demands excellence at every level and mandates use of the best possible equipment.  This comes at a price and a corporatized model of clinical practice allows for continuing investment in equipment, staff and training.  Dr Versace began offering LASIK in Australia when this was a brand new procedure and was an early part of the development of ‘Laser Sight Centres’ – at the time the leader in Laser Vision Correction in Australia.  Laser Sight Centres brought together expertise, doctors and excellence but remained limited in its model as a small private company.

In 2005 Dr Versace joined with a group of leading Australian ophthalmologists to form the company ‘ Vision Group’  ( later to adopt the name ‘Vision Eye Institute’ from one of the practices they acquired)  Vision Eye Institute grew quickly to become a strong public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with an ethic of enhancing the doctors practice environment to facilitate the delivery of premium care.  This model was timely as the costs of running a contemporary ophthalmic practice had grown significantly with a range of new, technically advanced diagnostic and  therapeutic instruments such as Femtosecond lasers for LASIK surgery.  Expensive equipment is best shared across groups of doctors and this was a strength of Vision Eye Institute.  Dr Versace was a partner and surgeon with Vision Eye Institute Bondi Junction for almost 15 years.

Vision Eye Institute followed the path of companies that grow from private to public and saw subtle shifts in direction to become more active in the business of day surgery facilities.  Vision Eye Institute more recently was sold to a foreign investor who delisted the company to own it outright and holds it as part of a small Chinese group of Eye Hospitals.  Dr Versace terminated his connection with Vision Eye Institute in 2019.

25 years as a specialist eye surgeon gives you a good idea of what works best in caring for patients and offering premium service with premium results.

Dr Versace has joined forces with a like-minded group of leading Eye Specialists to form a new clinic in Sydney.  The desire is to offer a more personal service that works for the patient.  Each of the surgeon brings leading expertise in their fields with existing successful clinics and involvement in research, teaching and academia.  Dr Versace brings to this his expertise in Laser Vision Correction and cataract/ Premium lens implant surgery.    This group will grow to have clinics across Australia and will fill the need for quality patient directed care.

Photo of Dr Patrick Versace

Dr Patrick Versace

Ophthalmic Surgeon

With over 30 years’ experience in Ophthalmology, Dr Versace is a leader in ophthalmic surgery in Sydney, Australia. Specialising in cataract and refractive surgery, Dr Versace uses a personalised, empathetic approach, recognising each patient is unique. Dr Versace is committed to using the most technologically advanced techniques to ensure the best possible patient experience and outcomes.