What to expect at your consultation

Thinking about Laser Vision Correction or preparing for your upcoming consultation? Here’s what to expect with Dr Versace.

What to expect from your first consultation through to correcting your vision.

With the possibility of a simple, quick procedure, performed on-site in a state-of-the-art treatment room in our practice, laser eye surgery is an appealing treatment for improved vision.

At your initial consultation, you’ll meet Dr Versace, who will guide you through a personalised eye exam and your bespoke treatment options. You’ll be provided all the relevant information to make an informed decision about your treatment.

If you choose to go ahead with surgery, your procedure will be booked and we’ll ensure you’re well-prepared. In the days following your procedure, during your recovery, you’ll return to the practice for your post-operative consultation for care and guidance.


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Dr Versace discusses a patients options after inital assessment testing.
Dr Patrick Versace Laser Vision Correction Sydney

Dr Patrick Versace

Ophthalmic Surgeon

With over 30 years’ of experience in Ophthalmology, Dr Versace is a leader in ophthalmic surgery in Sydney, Australia. Specialising in cataract and refractive surgery, Dr Versace uses a personalised, empathetic approach, recognising each patient is unique. Dr Versace is committed to using the most technologically advanced techniques to ensure the best possible patient experience and outcomes.