LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK has been used in eye surgery now for over than 30 years. Precise reshaping of the cornea allows for accurate refocusing and glasses-free vision.

LASIK is the most common type of laser eye surgery performed around the world. LASIK can be used to treat short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK – or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis – is a refractive procedure that changes the shape of your cornea so that light entering the eye travels directly to the retina. This enables you to see more clearly.

LASIK eye surgery has been used for over 30 years now. LASIK remains the most popular laser vision correction procedure in the world. LASIK’s key benefits are that it is fast, painless, and gives fast visual recovery.

Essentially, the procedure involves a special type of laser, which is used to precisely change the shape of the dome-shaped clear tissue at the front of your eye – otherwise known as the cornea.

LASIK is a two-step procedure. Firstly the corneal flap is raised to preserve the surface layers of the cornea and then the underlying cornea is reshaped with the laser.  The flap is then replaced onto the cornea leaving the surface of the eye intact.

What to expect during the LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is a painless procedure. You may feel some pressure on the eye and eyelids and see lights moving – but no pain.  It is scary lying there knowing what is happening to your eyes and it is normal to be a bit anxious but we are talking with you all the way through and if anything is bothering you we can pause and make you comfortable.

LASIK eye surgery is usually performed on both eyes on the same day.

You will be at the laser suite for around two hours. The operating time itself is about 20 minutes, however, the actual laser time will be under one minute.

You will be given anaesthetic drops to numb your eye and minimise discomfort, and you can also choose to have a mild sedative. The sedative can help you relax, and we generally recommend it.

During the procedure, you will be given instructions and told what is happening at every step.

After LASIK Surgery

We will generally ask you to stay for a couple of hours after the eye surgery has finished. This enables us to check your eyes to save you from having to return the next day.

When it’s time to go you must be accompanied by a friend or family member because your vision will be slightly blurry and the sedative will make you a little drowsy.  The best thing to do after surgery is to keep your eyes closed for the first few hours. Don’t go home and watch Netflix!

You will be given instructions and eye drops to go home with. Before you leave, a follow-up appointment will be made for either the next day or about one week later.

Fluctuations in your vision are normal for the first week or so and it’s common to have dry eyes for which you should use tear drops. You will be given detailed information of what to expect.

What does laser eye surgery cost?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when patients are considering LASIK vision correction. We do not just compete on price. You may find a cheaper price if this is the most important thing, however, cutting prices often means compromise. We offer uncompromising quality.

We offer clear, transparent and simple pricing packages with no hidden extras or costs.

We have created a simple calculator and more information on the cost of LASIK vision correction here.

LASIK Frequently Asked Questions

Find out some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions by patients considering LASIK Eye Surgery. Click here

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