As seen on Channel 7….SILK vision correction.

Dr Versace brought this amazing new technology to Australia and was instrumental in its early development.  We congratulate Dr Del Porto for adopting this technique after she came to us in Sydney to observe and learn about SILK eye surgery.

We are so excited that the newer techniques of keyhole laser vision correction surgery are becoming more widely used. Dr Versace has been using SMILE lenticule removal vision correction surgery and now also offers ‘SILK’ vision correction. Newer keyhole technologies make it even safer and faster.

The benefit of keyhole laser vision correction is that the eye is left stronger with minimal disturbance of the surface – no flap is required.  Patients can return to normal activities such as sports almost immediately and the eye is more comfortable with less dry eye.

It is important to have a full eye examination first as not everyone is suitable for laser vision correction surgery and then find a doctor with experience and modern technology.

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