Dr Versace recently participated as an invited faculty member at the specialised Lenticule conference in Bangalore – India

Laser Vision Correction surgery just got a whole lot safer and more advanced. LASIK has worked amazingly well for literally millions of patients and typically results in perfect spectacle free vision …but sometimes things can happen. The biggest challenge with lasik is the flap. The flap at once accounts for the fast healing and comfort of LASIK but can also result in dry eye and flap related problems. Whilst rare it would be great if we could achieve the same vision correction without having to cut the flap from the surface of the eye.

Lenticule Congress May 2024Enter keyhole surgery – known as SMILE, SILK, Clear Sight …all brand names for the same procedure. All laser Keyhole surgery corrects the focusing of the eye without having to disturb the surface layers. This avoids completely any potential problem related to the flap and ensures comfort and a rapid return to full activities as the eye is left stronger with no vulnerable flap.

Lenticule based vision correction surgery is minimally invasive and has a better healing response than other laser vision techniques. This very detailed 3-day conference in India explored all aspects of laser vision correction with attention to the scientific basis and cellular responses to laser vision correction.

Lenticule based, keyhole surgery is undergoing a marked renewal with new generation lasers becoming available and extra competition amongst laser manufacturers seeing the introduction of extra features making surgery safer and more predictable.