SILK Vision Correction

Lasers have been used in eye surgery for more than 30 years to correct vision. Precise reshaping of the cornea allows for accurate refocusing and glasses-free vision.

If you are thinking about Laser Vision Correction (LASIK), then you should consider SILK.

SILK Vision Correction

The most technologically advanced techniques allow us to use the laser to reshape the cornea without disturbing the surface of the eye.

Lenticule extraction surgery as laser vision correction differs from LASIK and PRK in that rather than ablating corneal tissue with the laser to reshape it, a fine lenticule is created within the corneal stroma without disturbing the surface of the eye and then a tiny keyhole incision is created with the laser to remove the lenticule allowing the cornea to be reshaped.

Key Benefits of SILK Vision Correction

  • Flapless – No flap to worry about
  • Low Energy- Faster visual recovery
  • Better centration and astigmatism alignment = Better visual outcome
  • Femtosecond Laser allows High Definition Vision treatment profile with better Depth of Focus = Better quality of vision
  • Faster and superior corneal nerve regeneration- Improved tear film stability = HD Vision Correction
  • Minimal down time
    • Resume work two to three days post-laser
    • Resume swimming after two weeks
    • Resume contact sports after two weeks vs. four weeks post-LASIK

Lenticule surgery is better than other laser procedures for the following reasons:

  • Less inflammation: published studies show there are less inflammatory markers in the tear film after lenticule surgery compared with LASIK or PRK
  • Less dry eye; published studies show favourable benefits for lenticule based surgery. Corneal nerves are impacted with both LASIK and lenticule surgery  but less so with lenticule surgery
  • The cornea is stronger; with LASIK the cornea is cut when the flap is created. Lenticule surgery preserves these layers by creating only a key hole incision so the cornea should be left stronger
  • Patients can resume normal activities more quickly. Conservatively we still say wait two weeks but in reality patients could play contact sports the next day.  There is no flap to damage or move.  A poke in the eye will do nothing. Once the epithelium or our layer has covered the small entry wound water is not a problem. (Typically one to two days)
  • Cutting the flap for LASIK can be scary; patients love it when you tell them they can get full vision correction without the flap, pain-free and fast recovery of vision

Why is SILK different from SMILE?

SMILE and SILK are two names for the same procedure.  What they have in common is the ‘L’ that stands for Lenticule.

  • SILK is the same operation as SMILE but performed with a new generation of laser with advanced technology.
  • Energy delivery is far more precise so less energy is needed resulting in less corneal inflammation and faster visual recovery.
  • The biconvex lenticule results in less damage to corneal nerves so fewer dry eye problems
  • The software allows better alignment of the lenticule with the visual axis (centre of vision) providing an even better quality of vision for patients,  less variability in the outcome and perhaps less need for enhancement or 2nd procedure.
  • Improved laser docking & positioning – means less chance of patient movement and interruption to surgery… for the patients this means less stress with doing the wrong thing during surgery.

Treatment range for patients

  • Myopia (shortsighted) for up to -7 (as any patient above this will most likely have ICL); astigmatism up to 5D
  • Ideal for patients wanting keyhole surgery giving fast return to activities.

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